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No fixed program, no classroom learning.
Our coaching process is as unique as you are!

Whether you’re a startup, a SME, or an up-and-comer looking to innovate in business, you are eligible for our various services. Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs and high-level experts is here to help you get structured and grow as an entrepreneur through agile, intensive and very concrete support.

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Depending on your needs and challenges, we will work with you on your:

  • Leadership
  • Value proposition
  • Business model
  • Sales strategy
  • Operations management
  • Financial structure
  • Team management

Espace-inc offers three key cohorts accessible throughout your entrepreneurial path :



  • To guide you and reach your first customers
  • Intensive 3 month cohort
  • Possible to extend up to 12 months and reach $ 50,000 in support



  • To make faster progress, help you set up your foundation and your sales
  • Intensive 6 month cohort
  • Coaching up to a value of $100K



  • To elevate your leadership, help you map out your growth and build a sustainable business
  • Intensive 6 to 12 month cohort
  • Coaching up to a value of $100K
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