Coaching Team

Our coaching team, which is made up of more than a hundred seasoned entrepreneurs and highly qualified experts, is dedicated to helping you in concrete ways by sharing their experiences and providing advice through an agile, intensive and very hands-on coaching process. A coaching team for and by entrepreneurs.

Jean-David Bégin
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and CFO

SaaS model growth • Financing strategy
Julian Giacomelli
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Agribusiness • Impact business models
Charles Crawford

Business development • Marketing • Strategic planning
Yves Laurent Turcotte
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Innovation • Business Model • Lean Management • SAAS Zoho

Olivier Caré

Management • Growth • Operations • Technology
Colin Ryan
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Industrialization • Marketing • Financing
Louis Mousseau
Investor and experienced manager

Growth • SaaS model • Sales & Marketing
Philippe Trudeau

Management • Growth • B2C Strategy
Serge Laporte
Angel investor

Business strategy • Sales & Marketing
Loïc Berthout
Entrepreneur and Accredited Mediator

Mediation • Strategic planning
Doryne Bourque
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Digital strategy
Guy Gervais
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Impact business models • Growth • Manufacturing • Technology • Corporate culture
Christophe Goffoz
Entrepreneur and Investor

Impact investing • Marketing • Business development
Chloé Legris, ing.
Social entrepreneur and Engineer

Clean technology • Technology transfer
Jan Kral

Sales and marketing • International strategic partnerships
Marie-Ève Vachon
Financial Controller and Forecasts

Nicolas Rudloff

Business development • Customer relations
Michel Bernard

Customer experience • Operations • Sustainable development
Sandra Gagné, CPA, CA
Financial Controller and Forecasts

Alain Perreault

Spin-off • Financing • Clean technology
Martin Cournoyer

Growth • Business development
Justine Mâsse, CPA, CMA
Financial Controller and Forecasts

Agribusiness • Manufacturing
Pierre-Stéphan Lafrance

Leadership • Marketing strategy
Pierre Cliche
Entrepreneur and angel investor

Cloud technologies • Digital transformation • Business development
Joël Nadeau
Strategic Consultant

Strategic partnership • Sales • Business strategy
Claire Lanctôt
Strategic consultant

International growth strategy • Agribusiness
Luc Lopes, ing.

Factory installation • Equipment design
Alain-Olivier Desbois
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and CFA

Business models • Strategy and impact financing • Clean technology
Édith Perreault
Angel Investor

Marketing • Communications •
Jean-Phlippe Sicard

Validation • Market entry • Innovation
Patrick Bernier, CRHA

Human resources • Growth • Executive team
Pascal Larose, ing.
Entrepreneur and engineer

Technological development • Engineering • Growth
Jocelyn Brouillard
Entrepreneur and investor

Leadership • Growth • Management team
Ghislain Leroux
Manufacturing agent and Entrepreneur

Business Development • Sales • B2B
Marc-André St-Yves

Development • Innovation • Business model • Agri-food • Environment
Isabelle Maheux

Strategic planning • Agribusiness
Dany Caron

Management systems • Manufacturing • Business model
Andrée-Anne Perreault
Entrepreneur and investor

Digital Marketing • Strategic planning • Retail
Roger Tambay

Investissement • Leadership et gestion d'équipes • Logistique et approvisionnement
And many others...

A vast network of entrepreneurs and experts mobilized for you.

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