Our mission is to spot and accelerate the development of emerging entrepreneurial talents in order to support them over the long term in building innovative and sustainable growth businesses thanks to a network of entrepreneurial peers.



Espace-inc was founded by and for entrepreneurs in order to create an innovative accelerator model. To this end, we have surrounded ourselves with people who uplift and inspire us—people who help us think big and push ourselves ever further. Our business network is made up of people with heart who are driven by the desire to give back, to build a better world, to help entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves, and to make a tangible impact on our society.

It takes resilience and humility to be an entrepreneur. We are aware of this, and have our own scars to prove it. In this spirit, the Espace-inc model has been thought out, tested and improved, and continues to be each day. Our corporate structure was designed to enable us to innovate, renew ourselves and remain agile in the face of the changing needs of entrepreneurs, because they are at the heart of all our decisions.

Discover the guiding values and work philosophy that make up our DNA.


Courage is the strength of character that allows us to cope with danger, suffering, setbacks and hardships. Without courage, no difficult decisions are made and no innovations are born. We actively decide to face uncertainty, to challenge ourselves, to accept our limitations and to seek advice when we don’t have the answer. Having the courage to talk straight and accept criticism enables us to continually develop, adapt and renew ourselves.


Solidarity means being able to see the big picture and look beyond ourselves. It means being able to identify the gap between what an individual needs and their ability to take action to address that need. We are propelled by the desire to build bridges between people, break individuals out of isolation and participate in the creation of a collective wealth that goes beyond individual motivations.

Our peer-to-peer coaching method truly nurtures solidarity between entrepreneurs. The relationships we build with our entrepreneurs, our coaches and our various contributors help us to clear up areas of confusion and blind spots so that we can evolve collectively. This is how we build lasting relationships where everyone wins.


Espace-inc has a “no Bullsh*t” philosophy… toward ourselves, others, our clients and our partners. We own our convictions and clearly state our intentions, while staying clear-eyed and transparent about our limitations and our more vulnerable points. We expect the same from our partners. Authenticity is central to the relationships we develop, enhancing the quality of our interactions and helping us achieve common goals with greater consistency.


Difficile à gagner et si facile à perdre, la confiance est l’élément fondamental de toute relation. Au sein de l’organisation, elle permet de solidifier l’engagement mutuel, la motivation et la productivité des humains qui en sont le moteur.  

Chez l’individu, la confiance en soi permet de se dépasser et de sortir de notre zone de confort. Elle se partage et se construit en permanence avec l’ensemble des parties prenantes qui nous entourent et qui sont gages de notre succès. Sans cette confiance, il n’y a pas de vision commune, pas d’engagement, pas de réelle collaboration. Croire au potentiel des autres, collaborer et accepter d’être vulnérable permet de créer un climat de travail durable.


Our team members, board of directors, network of coaches, and the entrepreneurs we support all embody the will to succeed. Together, we demonstrate perseverance, openness, resilience and diligence. We cultivate a climate of dialogue and are committed to doing our utmost to achieve our goals.
We deliver on this commitment through action aligned with our vision, through focusing on the right things day after day, and through the professionalism we demonstrate. We aim high and far, and look to the future to help build a better world! What we accomplish today, and what we will accomplish tomorrow, is a direct result of our drive to succeed and make a difference.

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